Visit to the Lonestar State

in just a few short days my family and I will be heading out on a family vacation to Galveston Island. Galveston Island has so many beautiful sights the no brainer is the ocean but there is also the awesome architecture, the beautiful downtown area and many more. We will also be visiting the airplane museum and spending much of our time on the beach. We plan to sit on the beach with a bonfire. We will be eating a lot of seafood and plan to stop at one of our favorite restaurants on the way home, Papasitos. We will visit the Alamo and the riverwalk in San Antonio on the way back.

This vacation will be amazing but as you know much preparation goes into a vacation only more when you live on a farm. We had to find someone to house sit so that we knew that our eight horses, five dogs, two cats, frog, bunny and numerous chickens that live on Triple C Farm are well cared for in our absence. We are also going into winter here on the farm and have to make sure the person who stays here is not only responsible enough to care for the animals but can also care for our home and barn in the event it gets cold enough that heat needs to be used to keep any problems with water pipe etc. from arising.

I am happy to say that we have everything worked out and I am not worried at all about the hands all of our precious animals and our home will be in. We are counting the hours until we start our journey to Galveston. Although I will miss all of our four and two legged farm babies while we are gone and will be ready to come home when it’s time, it will be relaxing to get away from it all for awhile.

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Little Dipper

As those of you who have read my stuff know I ride horses. Not only do I ride horses but you know how some little girls are HORSE CRAZY? Yeah, I never grew out of that. We have a Dartmoor pony named Dipper

  that I bought for my boys to ride and even at only 13 hands he ended up being too much horse for them. So, until I find a new home for him I excersize him and keep him in shape. Today I rode Dipper and I was so proud of the way he did. Every time I ride the little guy I wish he were bigger so I could keep him for myself. If he were a bigger horse he would be the whole package! Not only was I proud of the way he did I was glad to get out and enjoy the day once it finally warmed up.


Today as I sit alone in the house and watch the fire burn in the fireplace I am lonely. Something that I never thought I would be again as I am married and have been for eight years. I also have three wonderful keep you on your toes wild little country boys. My two oldest boys are at school and the youngest is spending the day with daddy who happened to have the day off work. I was so happy that he took Hayden when he went to run his errands because I thought I would be getting some much needed time to myself. For the first few minutes I was relieved to be alone but now as a few hours have passed I am starting to get lonely. I love having my family surrounding me even when they are driving me crazy. Just as I couldn’t  wait to get my time alone I am hoping it comes to an end soon because I am so looking forward to my house being loud and messy and full of rambunctious boys to keep me busy and drive me crazy soon! 💜

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Due Date

Several months ago I told you about my pretty girl Leia who had a date with Major Duomo. When I took her for her first preg check the vet said that she wasn’t pregnant. I was disappointed and next time she showed signs of being in heat I called Major Duomo’s owner and hauled her back for her second date with the amazing thoroughbred.

After being there for a few days Major’s owner called and said that Leia was unaccepting of him and that she was very aggressive toward him. She didn’t think that it was a good idea to continue trying to breed her as she hand breeds and it can be dangerous for the handler if the horses are nasty with each other.

Again, I was disappointed. I  picked Leia up with the hope of trying again next year. Over the next couple of months my usually in shape tucked up mare started to get a belly. She was filling out in the flank area. I started to suspect that she may have taken after all and that maybe her first preg check was too early.

I took her to the vet where a sonogram was performed and sure enough she was carrying a foal! I was taken over with excitement. I explained how she had show symptoms of being in heat to the vet and she said that that is normal in some horses.

I absolutely cannot wait to see what this awesome foal is going to look like, whether it will be a colt or filly, what color it will be!

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1st Show of the Year

Last Saturday night was a sleepless one on our farm. The day had been busy cleaning muddy messes of horses, grooming, trimming bridle paths and show sheening. Once I was convinced that Leia and Snickers were in tip top shape we put them in the barn where they would be closed up for the night, unable to get dirty. We then moved on to packing the horse trailer with our hay bags and tack. We finished out our evening with a wonderful barbecued dinner thanks to my amazing husband!
I woke several times throughout the night knowing it was time to get up and chore so the horses would have time to eat before we had to leave. 3am, 4am, 5am… finally at 630 I got up and fed, made my family breakfast, showered then bathed and dressed everyone. It was a great day. The boys did wonderful with their horse and Leia, who I’m just starting one barrels, did very well placing 3rd and 5th in our class! We are so excited for next Sunday and to see what the day brings! #horsesequalhappiness

What Are You Thankful for?

What are you thankful for this weekend? The extra day off work? Time with family and friends? Good BBQ and beer? Why do you think you get to enjoy these things? Because of the men and women who are willing to lay their lives on the line everyday to ensure your freedom.

On November 16th, 2012 SGT. Channing Bo Hicks was KIA in Afganistan. He was set to come home in just six short weeks. Bo spent his adult life doing what he loved and that was fighting for the rights and freedoms that you and I so enjoy.

This weekend be sure to take a moment to think about all of the brave men and women who have fought and continue to fight each day to preserve our liberties. Think about the men and women who have laid down their lives and those who are still here.

I challenge you to say thank you to a veteran next time you see one or buy his lunch. It would mean the world to him to know that what he has spent his life doing matters to those of us he has so selflessly protected.


“…all gave some, some gave all. Some stood through for the red, white and blue and some had to fall. If you ever think of me, think of all your liberties and recall, some gave all.”
-Billy Ray Cyrus, Some Gave All

Potty Training

About a month ago my 2 year old decided he was a big boy and no longer wanted to wear a diaper. Yay!!! No more diapers!!! He has been doing an amazing job with only a handfull of accidents since this decision he made for himself. He has two older brothers and always wants to do as they and their daddy do. I think that played into his decision and how easy potty training has been.
Friday evening my 5 year old had tee ball practice. My 2 year old wanted to play with the big boys so bad! He was heartbroken when they went out onto the field and he was left behind. He wailed and there was no consoling him so he and I went to the truck until he calmed down. I am on the Atkins diet so I always have a small snack handy for sudden urges. He found a bag of almonds and claimed them and also quieted down so we could go back to watch.
As I stood visiting with the other parents I would occasionally have to chase my little monster around the community building or intercept him as he tried to make a break for the baseball feild. I have to say, he is very persistent and when he has his mind made up, you cannot deter him.
He had been playing on the ground below our feet and running around our legs when suddenly he was not… I turned and looked behind me only to see him with his shorts around his ankles peeing in the parking lot. I was mortified! I ran to him, pulled his pants up and told him great job not wetting his pants but make sure to tell me next time so we can find a better place… The other parents found it more humorous than I did.
I am afraid of the things that are in store for me as these boys get older but I wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything! They bring so much joy, laughter and love into my life. I don’t know how I ever lived without them. They are my ♡.