Do Unto Others…

To the person that opened the door on my horse trailer while I was inside Walmart it is obvious that you know nothing about animals. I’m sure you were just curious and wanted to see if there was a pretty pony inside but you are lucky that there wasn’t. Not only would your curiosity and stupidity have put you in danger, you could have put my horse in danger. If she had escaped due to your lack of respect of property and lack of knowledge of animals she could have run over you or the child you were probably trying to show her to but she could have also been hit by a car severely injuring or killing her not to mention injuring the person that may have hit her. I am always happy to show someone my horse if they would like to see but I will not tolerate someone deliberately getting into my things or putting my horse in danger. You are lucky I didn’t walk out and catch you in my trailer. Luckily it was empty and all I was hauling around were a few piles of horse poop which I’m sure is why you took off so fast that you didn’t shut the door. Unfortunately, I didn’t know the door was open and drove the ten miles home with it unlatched. That in itself could have caused an accident had it swung open. Since it’s so apparent that you know nothing about animals I want to ask how you would feel if you walked out of a store and found someone had been sitting on your Harley or in your convertible? If the answer is that you would be unhappy make sure you use the same respect for other people’s property as you expect for your own. It is out of pure disrespect for someone and their property that something so stupid would be done and there is such danger in messing with a large animal that you know nothing about.


Road Trip!

So, last week we left for Galveston Texas. I was so excited to escape reality with my family. Not just my husband and children but my dad, my sister and her fiancé, my brother, my grandma and my aunt. We had so much fun traveling together. 

Galveston Texas is my favorite place on earth aside from the back of my horse. The only thing that would make it more perfect is if I was on the back of my horse in Galveston. The island is so beautiful and full of so much history, beautiful architecture and amazing places to eat! 

We visited several shops on The Strand,which is the main drag, we saw the flood line from the most recent severe hurricane. The water line was about 6 feet deep! We went to the Seawolf Park to see the submarine and battleship transporter. Did you know that there was a time that they tried to make ships out of cement? Me neither until our tour of Seawolf Park. There was a ship wreck in the harbor that had been there since before WWI. It was made of cement. Cement actually floats! Didn’t know that either! After visiting with a veteran working at the park we found out he only lives about 10 miles from us back in Kansas! What are the chances!! He was visiting as well to take his turn working the park. 

We spent 3 days and 2 nights in Galveston then made our way to San Antonio to visit the Alamo and the River Walk. Another amazing city full of so much history! The Alamo is beautiful which makes it hard to imagine the awful things that happened there so long ago and how different it must have looked. We took a tour of the church and when I entered I was filled with an immediate sense of sadness and I got goose bumps. It is hard to think of the atrocity that took place in the church and throughout the whole fort that day. 

There is an awesome live oak inside the fort walls near the barracks that is about 120 years old. I think it’s the most beautiful tree I have ever seen! That tree has seen so much and been around for so much history on San Antonio. If only we could ask it questions… That tree, although young, knew the men and women who lived and who perished during the fight for the Alamo. 

There is so much more to say about our trip but if I keep rambling I am going to loose you. If you ever go on a trip to Texas, Galveston Island and San Antonio are a must! Even though our trip was a blast I was happy to get home to Triple C Farm, see all my fur babies and sleep in my own bed.  

Note: All photos are property of Making Memories Photography. Taking them or copying them for any reason is illegal. 

Hats Off to You

On November 16th, 2012 my sister got a call that rocked her world and send us all into shock. Her fiancé SGT. Channing Bo Hicks was killed in action when an IED went off in the area he was patrolling in Afgahnistan. He wasn’t the only soldier killed in that attack. Bo had only six weeks until he was due home. He left behind two children and a loving family.  

I think when people think about Veterans Day they don’t always think about the cost paid to insure we have the rights that we so enjoy. There is a huge cost many times it is a life or lives, it may be an arm or a leg or it maybe that the soldier comes home so traumatized by war that they can’t function in society. 

I want to challenge anyone who reads this to do something to show a veteran that you appreciate their sacrifice. I don’t care if it’s just saying thank you or buying him a meal. I don’t care what but do something.  I know sometimes it can be hard because you don’t want to bring up something that may cause them pain but I promise they will love to know you care and that what they did for you means something. 

To all the soldiers and families who have served I want to say thank you. Every one of us who get to enjoy or freedom is forever indebted to you. Freedom is not free and there is a high cost. To the men and women who are brave enough to make that sacrifice, hats off to you. 

Insomnia and Angels

Tonight as I sit on  my computer editing photos and adding some to my photography page I wish sleep would come. I have never been diagnosed with insomnia but I am sure I have it. I can’t ever sleep. When I do finally sleep it is out of pure exhaustion. I have tried numerous things, sleepy time tea, melatonin, lorazapam (I know I spelled that wrong), Benadryl, lavender and the list goes on. Some things may help some but I just don’t seem to be able to drift off.

Although I feel like this is a curse it also gives me the opportunity to see my boys as they sleep.. They look so much like angels. When they wake to use the bathroom or because of a dream I am there to help. I get to hear their sweet sleepy voices and look into those big sleepy eyes. These boys melt my heart.

My youngest is three now and is finally making it through the night without wetting his pants. He just woke to use the bathroom. I watched him crawl from his bed with his paw patrol blanket and walk sleepily into the living room to ask me to go “biff me”. When I put him back to bed and tucked him I he told me that I was the “bess.” They continue to surprise me with their kind little hearts and it kills me that they are growing so fast. I can’t stand the thought of them not being my little babies anymore.

I hate that I am always tired due to lack of sleep and I hate the fight to fall asleep but I feel lucky that I get the precious time with my little angels. Rather than being cursed with insomnia I am so glad that my boys know that no matter the time, no matter if I am asleep, I am happy for those precious moments.

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Green Lights

I’m sure you have heard about changing one of your outdoor bulbs to green to show support for our troops. I think this is a wonderful idea and shows even the veterans that we don’t know are veterans they are supported just as those who are dressed out. Please show your support this Veterans Day and everyday to the men and women who work so hard and put their lives on the line everyday for your freedoms and mine.  


Family Problems

So, my sister has been dating her fiancé for about five years. They are planning a wedding in February. I’m so excited for her! But there is one problem. She and her fiancé moved down the road from my family and I. We have Sunday dinners with my grandma, aunts, my dad, my sister and her fiancé and my husband and our kids. Her fiancé used to be really nice to the boys but lately he has turned into a real jackass about things not just the boys but other things too. The land that they are purchasing from my dad for their house is land that produces most of the hay for the farm. Now her fiancé is under the impression that since it will be his land he doesn’t have to hep put it up and we should have to pay for th hay. Now, for my WHOLE life this land has produced the hay for all of us. My grandmas farm, my dads and mine. All of our homes sit on adjoining land that is all part of the original farm stead from before the civil war. My dad is obviously giving them his house and land at a very cheap price to help them out. The only reason the land is going with the house is that it is on his mortgage with the house. I’m not saying that I think that I should have free run of their property but I do believe if it produces most of our hay we should all still be able to use it.

Also, he has started to be really rude to my boys. He acts as if he may contract something from them if they touch him. Yes boys are boys and they do get dirty but they are well taken care of, bathed regularly and have good manners. He acts like he doesn’t want them around at family dinners etc. I am a little unsure of what to do because all of my life our family has gotten along very well and the farm operations have gone smoothly but it seems as if he may be trying to throw a wrench in it. I never saw him as the kind of person but I feel now that they are close to getting married in starting to see another side of him. I’m not sure whether to confront him and try to talk it out. Let him know he can’t treat my children that way and try to find a solution to the hay issue. Not only is they hay put up for our livestock but for theirs, my grandmas and my dads… Any thoughts on the best way to handle this?

Riding with my grandma

Have you ever ridden in the car with your grandma? Did you fear your end may be close due to the decision you Made to climb in the passengers side of her vehicle? Well, today I regret the decision to do just that. My grandma is a very careful person and she actually used to train people to drive buses. I know scary, right? No, she didn’t used to scare me. What she used to do was drive REALLY slooooow!

She was a very good driver but as she has aged her driving has suffered. She has a 1/2 mile long driveway that’s she drives faster on than she does on the road. Even though she drives slow you still have to slow down more for a stop sign but today Granny raced right up to the stop sign and slammed on the breaks sending our drinks flying. Then she asked me if there was a bunji cord in the car that I could strap them down with. What!!

When we got to town once again my life was threatened when she decided to get in the oncoming lane while leaving a parking lot. I started shreking for her to get back into her own lane when I saw traffic turning at full blast into the parking lot even though she sat in their path. “Well, there were no lines,” she says. “How do you know that was the wrong lane.” Um, well, maybe the fact that we have been here a million times and maybe, just maybe the cars that are heading right toward us would be a good clue! Now she is crossing 4 lanes of traffic to make a left turn from the right turn lane. Please pray for my survival! 😅

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