I Want to be a Millionaire…I think.

I keep trying to come up with these ideas on how to get rich. I have started a t-shirt business recently, I am a part time photographer, a stay at home mom and wife, and a substitute teacher. I also run a farm, do chores, take care of six horses, six cows, 8 chickens, two roosters, two cats, five dogs, three frogs, a turtle and a garden. I am pretty sure I have enough on my plate but I want more! I want a castle and to pretend like I’m royalty. I want to ride my horse across the grounds and imagine what life must have been like hundreds of years ago. I want a southern plantation where I can sit on the porch looking through the huge columns through a tunnel of live oaks down my long driveway. I want a cattle ranch in texas where we work our cattle daily. I want to get on my horse and ride across a giant pature and look at the hundreds of cows munching on green grass. I want a beautiful home with an ocean view. I want to walk out my back door and step into hot white sand. I want to stroll to the blue water of the ocean and sink into it. I want to run my horse across the beach bare back. I want to travel the world. I have realized that if I really want all of this, I need to be a millionaire. I will need more than a substitute teacher’s pay if I want to pretend to be a princess, or even Texas royalty. When I think about all of these things that I want, I realize I already have what I need. I have the most wonderful husband and little boys a gal could ask for. They show me everyday that I am a princess and their love is priceless. If I ever find a way to become a millionaire I couldn’t imagine anyone other than my quirky boys by my side. I may think these things would be nice but if I had them and didn’t have my family I wouldn’t have anything. So, even though the dream of these things is nice my reality is better. I may  not be a millionaire but I think I’m pretty rich.


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