Do Unto Others…

To the person that opened the door on my horse trailer while I was inside Walmart it is obvious that you know nothing about animals. I’m sure you were just curious and wanted to see if there was a pretty pony inside but you are lucky that there wasn’t. Not only would your curiosity and stupidity have put you in danger, you could have put my horse in danger. If she had escaped due to your lack of respect of property and lack of knowledge of animals she could have run over you or the child you were probably trying to show her to but she could have also been hit by a car severely injuring or killing her not to mention injuring the person that may have hit her. I am always happy to show someone my horse if they would like to see but I will not tolerate someone deliberately getting into my things or putting my horse in danger. You are lucky I didn’t walk out and catch you in my trailer. Luckily it was empty and all I was hauling around were a few piles of horse poop which I’m sure is why you took off so fast that you didn’t shut the door. Unfortunately, I didn’t know the door was open and drove the ten miles home with it unlatched. That in itself could have caused an accident had it swung open. Since it’s so apparent that you know nothing about animals I want to ask how you would feel if you walked out of a store and found someone had been sitting on your Harley or in your convertible? If the answer is that you would be unhappy make sure you use the same respect for other people’s property as you expect for your own. It is out of pure disrespect for someone and their property that something so stupid would be done and there is such danger in messing with a large animal that you know nothing about.


5 thoughts on “Do Unto Others…

  1. Reblogged this on TJ Lyons and commented:
    This is so scary! Non horse people! Respect horses! As big and gentle as they appear, they evolved with two survival skills: flight or fight. They will take flight over fight and fight when cornered. A loose scared horse is a danger to itself and anyone near it. Please respect horses and their owners.


  2. Wow. How scary! Thank goodness you didn’t have a horse or animal in the trailer. If I make a stop with my trailer, I make it a point to check all doors, latches, tires and hitch before pulling out again. Can’t ever be too careful. Especially with people who don’t think straight. I always worry about something like that happening to me. Like you, I am more than willing to show someone my horse and talk to them about him. But if they mess with him without me there, I would be furious, Just like you were I’m sure!
    I reblogged your post. I hope you don’t mind. It’s a great reminder to non horse people and a safety story for us horse people. Thanks!


    • Absolutely! I am glad to have you share it. Anything we can do for the safety of our horses and that of the people who don’t know what could happen. I will be doing a walk around after every stop from now on. I think that people just don’t think about the danger that could potentially exist.

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      • I don’t think they do either. Naturally curious and they don’t think about the consequences of their actions.
        Same when driving with a trailer. How many times has someone cut you off because they don’t think, 1) about your stopping ability with a trailer and 2) the fact that a live animal gets thrown around when they force you to slam on your brakes.
        Take care! Good luck hauling the future! Safe travels for you and your mare!

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