Road Trip!

So, last week we left for Galveston Texas. I was so excited to escape reality with my family. Not just my husband and children but my dad, my sister and her fiancé, my brother, my grandma and my aunt. We had so much fun traveling together. 

Galveston Texas is my favorite place on earth aside from the back of my horse. The only thing that would make it more perfect is if I was on the back of my horse in Galveston. The island is so beautiful and full of so much history, beautiful architecture and amazing places to eat! 

We visited several shops on The Strand,which is the main drag, we saw the flood line from the most recent severe hurricane. The water line was about 6 feet deep! We went to the Seawolf Park to see the submarine and battleship transporter. Did you know that there was a time that they tried to make ships out of cement? Me neither until our tour of Seawolf Park. There was a ship wreck in the harbor that had been there since before WWI. It was made of cement. Cement actually floats! Didn’t know that either! After visiting with a veteran working at the park we found out he only lives about 10 miles from us back in Kansas! What are the chances!! He was visiting as well to take his turn working the park. 

We spent 3 days and 2 nights in Galveston then made our way to San Antonio to visit the Alamo and the River Walk. Another amazing city full of so much history! The Alamo is beautiful which makes it hard to imagine the awful things that happened there so long ago and how different it must have looked. We took a tour of the church and when I entered I was filled with an immediate sense of sadness and I got goose bumps. It is hard to think of the atrocity that took place in the church and throughout the whole fort that day. 

There is an awesome live oak inside the fort walls near the barracks that is about 120 years old. I think it’s the most beautiful tree I have ever seen! That tree has seen so much and been around for so much history on San Antonio. If only we could ask it questions… That tree, although young, knew the men and women who lived and who perished during the fight for the Alamo. 

There is so much more to say about our trip but if I keep rambling I am going to loose you. If you ever go on a trip to Texas, Galveston Island and San Antonio are a must! Even though our trip was a blast I was happy to get home to Triple C Farm, see all my fur babies and sleep in my own bed.  

Note: All photos are property of Making Memories Photography. Taking them or copying them for any reason is illegal. 


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