Hats Off to You

On November 16th, 2012 my sister got a call that rocked her world and send us all into shock. Her fiancé SGT. Channing Bo Hicks was killed in action when an IED went off in the area he was patrolling in Afgahnistan. He wasn’t the only soldier killed in that attack. Bo had only six weeks until he was due home. He left behind two children and a loving family.  

I think when people think about Veterans Day they don’t always think about the cost paid to insure we have the rights that we so enjoy. There is a huge cost many times it is a life or lives, it may be an arm or a leg or it maybe that the soldier comes home so traumatized by war that they can’t function in society. 

I want to challenge anyone who reads this to do something to show a veteran that you appreciate their sacrifice. I don’t care if it’s just saying thank you or buying him a meal. I don’t care what but do something.  I know sometimes it can be hard because you don’t want to bring up something that may cause them pain but I promise they will love to know you care and that what they did for you means something. 

To all the soldiers and families who have served I want to say thank you. Every one of us who get to enjoy or freedom is forever indebted to you. Freedom is not free and there is a high cost. To the men and women who are brave enough to make that sacrifice, hats off to you. 


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