Family Problems

So, my sister has been dating her fiancé for about five years. They are planning a wedding in February. I’m so excited for her! But there is one problem. She and her fiancé moved down the road from my family and I. We have Sunday dinners with my grandma, aunts, my dad, my sister and her fiancé and my husband and our kids. Her fiancé used to be really nice to the boys but lately he has turned into a real jackass about things not just the boys but other things too. The land that they are purchasing from my dad for their house is land that produces most of the hay for the farm. Now her fiancé is under the impression that since it will be his land he doesn’t have to hep put it up and we should have to pay for th hay. Now, for my WHOLE life this land has produced the hay for all of us. My grandmas farm, my dads and mine. All of our homes sit on adjoining land that is all part of the original farm stead from before the civil war. My dad is obviously giving them his house and land at a very cheap price to help them out. The only reason the land is going with the house is that it is on his mortgage with the house. I’m not saying that I think that I should have free run of their property but I do believe if it produces most of our hay we should all still be able to use it.

Also, he has started to be really rude to my boys. He acts as if he may contract something from them if they touch him. Yes boys are boys and they do get dirty but they are well taken care of, bathed regularly and have good manners. He acts like he doesn’t want them around at family dinners etc. I am a little unsure of what to do because all of my life our family has gotten along very well and the farm operations have gone smoothly but it seems as if he may be trying to throw a wrench in it. I never saw him as the kind of person but I feel now that they are close to getting married in starting to see another side of him. I’m not sure whether to confront him and try to talk it out. Let him know he can’t treat my children that way and try to find a solution to the hay issue. Not only is they hay put up for our livestock but for theirs, my grandmas and my dads… Any thoughts on the best way to handle this?


2 thoughts on “Family Problems

  1. don’t hold back. say something but in a none rude way. he needs to know where he is going wrong. in the end he will be in your guys life for a long time and it wouldn’t be fair to you if this is how he treated your kids from here on out. you know? I personally would say something.


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