Visit to the Lonestar State

in just a few short days my family and I will be heading out on a family vacation to Galveston Island. Galveston Island has so many beautiful sights the no brainer is the ocean but there is also the awesome architecture, the beautiful downtown area and many more. We will also be visiting the airplane museum and spending much of our time on the beach. We plan to sit on the beach with a bonfire. We will be eating a lot of seafood and plan to stop at one of our favorite restaurants on the way home, Papasitos. We will visit the Alamo and the riverwalk in San Antonio on the way back.

This vacation will be amazing but as you know much preparation goes into a vacation only more when you live on a farm. We had to find someone to house sit so that we knew that our eight horses, five dogs, two cats, frog, bunny and numerous chickens that live on Triple C Farm are well cared for in our absence. We are also going into winter here on the farm and have to make sure the person who stays here is not only responsible enough to care for the animals but can also care for our home and barn in the event it gets cold enough that heat needs to be used to keep any problems with water pipe etc. from arising.

I am happy to say that we have everything worked out and I am not worried at all about the hands all of our precious animals and our home will be in. We are counting the hours until we start our journey to Galveston. Although I will miss all of our four and two legged farm babies while we are gone and will be ready to come home when it’s time, it will be relaxing to get away from it all for awhile.

#CCCFarmFamVaca #GavestonBound #readyforR&R

Photo belongs to A.C. Photography. It is not to be taken or used without prior permission from the owner. 


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