Today as I sit alone in the house and watch the fire burn in the fireplace I am lonely. Something that I never thought I would be again as I am married and have been for eight years. I also have three wonderful keep you on your toes wild little country boys. My two oldest boys are at school and the youngest is spending the day with daddy who happened to have the day off work. I was so happy that he took Hayden when he went to run his errands because I thought I would be getting some much needed time to myself. For the first few minutes I was relieved to be alone but now as a few hours have passed I am starting to get lonely. I love having my family surrounding me even when they are driving me crazy. Just as I couldn’t  wait to get my time alone I am hoping it comes to an end soon because I am so looking forward to my house being loud and messy and full of rambunctious boys to keep me busy and drive me crazy soon! 💜

#lovemyboys #crazywildboys


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