Due Date

Several months ago I told you about my pretty girl Leia who had a date with Major Duomo. When I took her for her first preg check the vet said that she wasn’t pregnant. I was disappointed and next time she showed signs of being in heat I called Major Duomo’s owner and hauled her back for her second date with the amazing thoroughbred.

After being there for a few days Major’s owner called and said that Leia was unaccepting of him and that she was very aggressive toward him. She didn’t think that it was a good idea to continue trying to breed her as she hand breeds and it can be dangerous for the handler if the horses are nasty with each other.

Again, I was disappointed. I  picked Leia up with the hope of trying again next year. Over the next couple of months my usually in shape tucked up mare started to get a belly. She was filling out in the flank area. I started to suspect that she may have taken after all and that maybe her first preg check was too early.

I took her to the vet where a sonogram was performed and sure enough she was carrying a foal! I was taken over with excitement. I explained how she had show symptoms of being in heat to the vet and she said that that is normal in some horses.

I absolutely cannot wait to see what this awesome foal is going to look like, whether it will be a colt or filly, what color it will be!

#babies #CCCFarmsnewaddition #expectingmarch2016 #coltorfilly?


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