Where is your class?!?!

So, I’m not one to put my nose in the middle of other people’s business and definitely not one to believe everything you see in smut magazines or that you read online. Actually, I usually laugh when I see something about a celebrity because most likely it is waaayyyy off base. When I heard the news of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s split like all country music fans I held out hope that they would get back together even amidst the rumored relationship Blake was having with Gwen Stephani. Now, Blake himself rebutted those claims, right? I know that just as my business is mine and your’s is your’s, Blake, Miranda and Gwen also want and deserve their privacy. They also know that when you are in the public eye privacy is a word that doesn’t mean much.

I don’t have anything against Gwen or Blake but I was very surprised at the lack of class shown when they decided to go public with their relationship on the same day that the CMAs were going to be held. I mean, come on! Did they really think that was the right time or was there some other motive? I don’t think I’m the only one asking that question and I know I’m not the only one who noticed that Miranda seemed a little off last night. I felt for her as I’m sure many other country music fans did but I was glad to see her step up to the plate and go on with the show.

Yesterday should have been a happy day for all of those who were nominated for an award and those who won an award. It is unfortunate that some couldn’t hold off on their ‘good’ news, if that’s what you want to call it, for just long enough for a night that is supposed to happy for all those attending to be just that. I find it sad that people who know the hurt of a divorce would want to rub something like that in someone’s face who may not be taking it all in stride. After all they have been lying about their relationship for a while now. Would one more day have killed them? Kudos to Miranda for her awards, performing like a boss and keeping her class through everything!

#didn’tyourmamateachyoumanners? #whereisyourclass? #teamMiranda #hecan’trideinyourlittleredwagon!


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