1st Show of the Year

Last Saturday night was a sleepless one on our farm. The day had been busy cleaning muddy messes of horses, grooming, trimming bridle paths and show sheening. Once I was convinced that Leia and Snickers were in tip top shape we put them in the barn where they would be closed up for the night, unable to get dirty. We then moved on to packing the horse trailer with our hay bags and tack. We finished out our evening with a wonderful barbecued dinner thanks to my amazing husband!
I woke several times throughout the night knowing it was time to get up and chore so the horses would have time to eat before we had to leave. 3am, 4am, 5am… finally at 630 I got up and fed, made my family breakfast, showered then bathed and dressed everyone. It was a great day. The boys did wonderful with their horse and Leia, who I’m just starting one barrels, did very well placing 3rd and 5th in our class! We are so excited for next Sunday and to see what the day brings! #horsesequalhappiness


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