Leia’s date

I bought a mare last her year after several years of searching for the right horse. As I have mentioned in a previous post Twister was my best friend growing up. No horse compared to him. I didn’t like anything I tried out. I always found some fault in them. Then I found Leia. She is a grey 15 hand Quarter Horse. She is the sweetest soul. Twister is an appendix which is half quarter horse and half thoroughbred. I decided to have Leia bred and it was obvious that her date would be with a thoroughbred I just had to find the right one. I wasn’t seriously looking because I was in no hurry but then a page for Major Duomo came up in my Facebook feed. He was a beautiful bay with amazing confirmation! One look at him and I knew he was the one! It also helped that he went back to greats like Secretariat, Bold Ruler and many more. I made plans with his owner to take Leia over when she came in heat. She stayed for a week and a half and was bred everyday but one. I am so excited at the prospect of a foal next spring! On May 25th we have an appointment with the vet to find out if she is bred. Keep for fingers crossed for the news of a new baby!


                  Leia X Major Duomo


Image credit: Major Duomo Facebook page.


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