Cute, wiggly, little puppies

I raise Mini Aussies so all of us here are anxiously awaiting the arrival of some cute little puppies. I only have one male and one female. Im not a big time breeder by any means. Gypsy’s expected due date was May 2nd. She seems very uncomfortable and as if she could have them at any moment. There have been many litters of puppies born here on our farm and it is never any less exciting! Below is a picture from last fall of my son holding a puppy from the last litter. We can barely contain ourselves at the idea of our newest arrivals coming soon!



7 thoughts on “Cute, wiggly, little puppies

    • By now the vet should be able to tell if she is pregnant. A dogs gestation period is only 63-67 days. I would start feeding puppy food once you know for sure that she is pregnant and continue feeding it through the nursing period to give her the extra nutrients that she needs. You should also be preparing a welping box for her she she will have a clean, comfortable, quiet place away from other dogs and children, a place where she feels that she and her puppies are comfortable and safe.

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      • We went to vet, our usual vet is off sick, we had a stranger. He done an ultrasound and said He just saw faeces. She is more rounded, nipples are enlarged. So I have started to feed her puppy food this week and set up a cage with blanket etc. She will not entertain the cage!
        What do you think?


  1. It sounds like she is definately showing signs of being pregnant. Congratulations! My dog also hates a cage! I usually get things set up and then once I know she will go into labor soon I keep a close eye on her. I let her roam the house and go in and out to go to the bathroom but I don’t actually lock her in a cage until she has had them. We have a second bathroom and I have found that it works much better as a welping area then a cage. She has room to get away from the puppies but it is quiet and safe from the kids and other pets. If you plan to use a cage make sure it is large enough that she won’t lay on a puppy when they are in there all together. Also, once she has the puppies she will want to be wherever they are such as the cage, bathroom etc.

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