My Hero

My Hero is 5 foot 2, soft spoken, polite and determined. She may be polite and soft spoken but she has the back bone to stand up for what is right even if it isn’t popular. She raised me from the time I was eight. She gives the best advice and is there when times are tough to help figure out what path is best.
She taught me how to stand up for myself and still be a lady. She showed me compassion and love. I learned my love of horses and nature from her. She taught me how to love the world around me even when it doesn’t seem very lovable. She showed me how to see the good in people even when it seems as if there may be none.
She is the most selfless loving person I know. After raising three of her own children she took me on. She gives all she has to the people around her.
Most people look up to some celebrity that they dont even know. I am lucky that I get to know the most kind hearted, giving, determined and loving person. I am even luckier that I get to call her grandma.


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