My best friend

Every girl has a best friend or friends growing up. Their names are usually Sarah, Amy, Heather or something of the sort. I had plenty of friends growing up that had names such as those but my very best friend’s name was Twister. He weighed 1100 pounds and was amazingly fast and light on his feet. Twister was a 16 hand Appendix gelding. When I met him he was a flighty four year old with trust issues. I was 12 and had been riding for 10 years. At 12 years old I had nerves of steel and enjoyed the excitment of a spirited horse that was hard to handle at times. Twister and I became fast friends. I rode him all over the country side. I started him on barrels and he was nearly unbeatable in his prime. There were a few times at an over night rodeo that I would ride him down to Taco Bell or McDonald’s and go through the drive thru for dinner. This usually caused the drive thru attendants to go wild and left the locals in shock.
Twister tested my limits, built my confidence and listened patiently when I had a problem. He was always loyally standing at the fence waiting for a chance at freedom. We would ride up to the highway daily and race cars along the fence line. At that young age I didn’t know that Jesse James was one person so I was Jesse and he was James. But when riding we were one anyway.
Twister is retired now and most of the time stands in the pature and munches grass. My three boys sometime pull him out to ride and he patiently let’s them stand on him, slide off his rump, hang off the saddle. He has changed alot since our days all those years ago. He has slowed down, he has calmed down and he has become a babysitter but when I look in his kind eye I see that young horse i used to know and I am warped back to a time now only in my memeories.
Twister is 22 now and although that is young for you or I, for Twister that number means he is nearing the end. I know that the day for goodbye is coming and I know it will be one of the hardest days I will ever face. But for now I can look out in my pasture and see the horse that brought me so much happiness, some blue ribbons and a little cash. But most of all I see a kind gentle soul that has shown me more love than most people can show and has given me more enjoyment in life than some ever see.
While most girls have pictures of themselves smiling for the camera with their best friends at the lake, a bonfire or at prom. My favorite picture of me and my best friend is one in which we are blazing around a barrel in the flag race. It’s about 14 years old. I remember this day like it was yesterday. We had an 8 second run. We came in first place. You can’t see either of our faces but what you can see are two who are working together as one in a fury of dirt, speed, grit and determination.



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