You’re so mean!

“You’re so mean!” E yelled at me today as I was dragging him by one arm from Hastings book store. I was holding my two year old H’s hand in my other hand. E was grabbing at shelves and planting his feet squalling as we made our way toward the exit. Out of frustration and desperation I swatted E once on the bottom and looked up to see a stuffy woman looking very appalled in my direction. I’m not sure if her look was in regards to me swatting him or the way he was acting. Either way we worked our way through the maze of bookshelves, people and check out desks.
We finally made it through the door after what seemed like forever and that’s when the extreme screaming began as E knew there was absolutely no chance of going back. I got him into the car all the while H was looking slightly shocked to see his big brother acting this way apparently he thought this kind of behavior was reserved for him or perhaps he recognized how silly it looks.
As E sat in the back seat he again mentioned how mean I was but sniffling through his tears he said “but Mom, I still love you.”
I love you too my dear boy! And as awful as he was acting there was a very grown up lesson wrapped in the anger. I am angry with you but I still love you. We should all take little E’s advice and make sure even when we are angry with a loved one they know that we still love them and that the anger will pass. #lifelessonsfromapreschooler


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