Do Chickens have teeth?

To some this may seem slightly distasteful but as those of you with children know, they sometimes have funny ways of saying things. That being said I had to share what my grandmother was informed by my five year old. For his privacy, I am going to refer to my son as E.

E: Grandma your chicken bit me here. (points to his face)

G: Oh no! Do chickens have really sharp teeth?

E: (rolls his eyes) Grandma, chickens don’t have teeth, they have really sharp peckers….

Luckily, my grandma has a very good sense of humor and we laughed for the longest time. We laughed so hard we cried and still laugh about it even though it happened about two years ago. E still has a way with words, I feel so blessed to have children who bring me so much happiness and can bring a smile to my face with whatever they say! I hope that you all have someone or several someones to laugh with each day. As we have all heard “Laughter is the best medicine!”


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