It seems like we all try to brain storm what to get our children for Christmas, birthdays, etc. We want to spend a certain amount. If we find something cheaper thats great but we feel like we have to add something to it and not cheap out. Today my four year old reminded me that a trip to the library to read books then to the Dollar Tree for a one dollar Styrofoam airplane to play with at the park was an example of his ideal day. So now as I sit and watch play I am amazed just as I was in the early days of his life when I’d buy him a toy only for him to throw it to the side and play with the box. My sweet boy just reminded me that it’s not the amount of money you spend it’s about making them happy. One dollar made him happy today and I am so proud to be able to witness these bittersweet moments.


Although today only cost me a dollar, the time spent with my little man is priceless. I hope he remembers the small things in life and the happiness they can bring.


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