Small Things Count

Today I learned that people are still good and that small things count. My husband is a boilermaker and is gone from home long hours. I have three children and attend college full time. I find myself at the end of my patience many days. Sometimes I wonder how much longer I can continue to do all the things I do. I love my children and my family and by no means would I ever change that. But I am everyone’s go to. If they need a ride to town, if they need 20 bucks, if they need an errand run…. and why not? I’m a stay at home mom so surely I have enough time. Sometimes between getting two of them ready for school, dirty diapers, meals, school, house cleaning, grocery shopping, and errands for everyone I feel like I’m being spread pretty thin. The past couple of days I haven’t felt well but you know if I took a sick day the world might just STOP TURNING! So I trudged on. This morning my dad called and said he was making breakfast and asked if we’d like to come eat. After eagerly answering “YES!” And agreeing to bring bacon all I could think was that I didn’t have to make breakfast today. Yay for me! My dad lives less that a mile away and wanted the bacon early so he could cook it. As I was pulling in his driveway a new song by Tim McGraw was playing on the radio, “Touchdown Jesus”. I was looking at the fog rising above the trees and the beautifully mowed pature behind his house with the sun rising behind and thinking how lucky I am to get to wake up to scenes like that each morning. I must have sat in the truck too long and he came out to retrieve the bacon. We were talking about the beauty of the morning and he asked me what I’d like for breakfast. That is a question I never hear. What do I want? Well pancakes of course! So I am happy knowing I don’t have to cook breakfast but now I’m getting freaking pancakes too! Before my dad turned to walk into the house he said, “before you leave would you like me to go in and make you a cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer?” I started to automatically say, “that’s okay, you don’t have to do that.” I’m not used to this! But instead I responded, ” sure.”
As I was pulling back down my dad’s driveway to go home and get my family ready for breakfast and the busy day ahead I was crying and listening to a Garth Brooks song called “People Loving People.” I wasn’t crying sad tears but tears of happiness. Someone thought about ME, someone was worried about what I wanted. My day started out great and seems to be ending the same way. It’s amazing how one or two kind gestures can make your day, they can turn a bad day around, and they can show a loved one how much they mean. Geez I cried over breakfast and a cup of coffee but It was nice to feel like someone was thinking about what I wanted. Make sure you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Do small things to show them you care. You never know when what you say may be the last thing you get to say to them. Let’s all make sure our loved ones always know we love them. Hold you children tight, let your spouse know they are wanted, tell your parents, grandparents, siblings, best freinds, and anyone else you may care about that you care. Just so they know. Make them feel special if even only for a few minutes. It could make their day.


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